Friday, January 31, 2014

Mikki Kendall and SJWs still claim Lennon/Ono racists

Mikki Kendall has naturally not ceased her hatred of white women, because that is who she is, and she gets attention for it from liberal media and praise from fellow Social Justice Warriors.

Here we see the evidence that they still believe John Lennon and Yoko Ono are racists because they pointed out that women are on the lowest rung of any social ladder. That the song was not meant as an attack on black people in any way has been completely, deliberately ignored by SJW because Lennon/Ono used the N word to characterize the position of women.

The idea that the N-word cannot be used in any context (except in hip hop) without being racist is one of the pillars of the SJW movement. That is the same reasoning that is used to ban Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

And it was on the grounds that I defended the Lennon/Ono song as not-racist that Tumblr bully Mikki Kendall and her zombie mob smeared me.

Here is a tweet that Mikki Kendall re-tweeted on January 31.

The song is naturally the fault of white women, as we see thanks to the hashtag #WhiteFeministRants, although Lennon was a white man and Ono is an Asian woman. But Mikki Kendall is a leader of the SJW movement and she has a deranged hatred of white women, so of course...

Here we see Kendall crowing over how she "rattled some cages" with her bigotry-inspired #solidarityisforwhitewomen.

However, she also claims to have done the same thing with #fasttailedgirls and #foodgentrification, and there she is dreaming. Most people don't know what fast tailed girls are, and if they did would hardly be opposed, and as far as food gentrification - it's not a real thing and nobody is defending it. Although Kendall always like to declare there are hordes of enemies at her gate - that way her sycophants give her attention, support and praise.

But as any demagogue knows, nothing works quite as well as pure hatred aimed at a group of people based on some shared characteristic, and Kendall works that with all her might.

Currently Kendall and her gang are running a hashtag #PatriarchyIs, which is sure to be just as ignored as #foodgentrification until they find a way to blame the Patriarchy on white women - or even better, white feminists. They haven't yet, that I've seen, but give them time.

Mark my words, eventually Kendall will be shilling for a right-wing think tank.