Friday, January 24, 2014

Recommending Nick

My actor buddy Nick Fondulis asked me for a letter of recommendation yesterday which I was happy to write - he's not only super talented but a consummate professional and just an all-around great guy. And he's getting himself quite a bit of work these days which he well deserves. Just look at him in his reel. You have to love his maniacal laugh in the scene from 30 Rock.

In the picture above we see him in a scene with Dagny Taggart, from the short-lived hospital drama Mercy. It's funny because he's so super-competent as an actor and they had him playing an incompetent young doctor - that was to give Dagny a chance to show off the super-nurse skills she learned on the front lines in Iraq - she never shut up about being on the front lines in Iraq. That's probably what tanked the show.

Anyway, Nick is great and if he isn't a big movie star by the time I finally get around to funding JULIA & BUDDY I'm going to see about casting him as Buddy.

"Would a crazy person laugh like this?"
Nick as Jayden Michael Tyler on 30 Rock