Friday, January 10, 2014

A wine recommendation

Although I do love sauvignon blanc I have lately been enjoying pinot noir, and recently discovered a wine from a Chilean grower D. Bosler, called Birdsnest. This reviewer gives the 2008 version an excellent review although I had the 2011. He writes:
Shockingly floral, spiked with ripe strawberries and an oily Viognier-like finish. Carey may have just grimaced—I discover it’s just surprise. She noticed the white wine: “it tastes like it was blended with Champagne.” The palate is distinctly red berry driven and lushly rosy. I remember a Wine Library TV episode where Gary commented on the importance of eating roses from time to time—I thought of that. 
For such an inexpensive Pinot Noir, it does smooth out expertly—it becomes increasingly linear, in a good way, with time. Young and vibrant, a touch of finesse, and a more complete nose than palate. Hints of graham, anise, and muddled spices. Very tasty.
Although the best description comes from the wine bottle:
Exuberant aromas of fresh strawberries, rose petal and spice box. Lush and inviting on the palate with ripe seductive red fruits and smooth tannins. Deliciously smooth Pinot with plenty of length and substance.
What really caught my attention when reading the bottle in a Brooklyn liquor store, where it was sold for $15, was the part about the rose petals. Really? Rose petals? was what I thought, so I bought it because it seemed implausible and I wanted to see if it was just hype.

Which shows how little I know about Pinot Noir because comparing the aroma of a Pinot Noir to rose petals is not at all uncommon.

And sure enough after a few sips I did sense the rose petals. I was impressed. However, the rose petals are delicate, as you might imagine, and if you plan to have a glass from a bottle and save the rest for another day you will be disappointed - the rose petals will have disappeared, although it was still pretty spicy, which is what they mean by "spice box" I assume. So your best bet is to share this D. Bosler Pinot with a friend or two and finish the bottle the same night you open it.