Sunday, November 24, 2013

I agree with only some of this...

Ranking Every Episode Of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"  on Buzzfeed.

I do agree with most of the low-ranking episodes. And I do get behind the anti-Riley sentiment, completely. And I'm so glad they called out "Flooded" which was the dreariest Buffy episode of all time.

But I will never get why so many rate the "Hush" episode so highly. One of the primary reasons for watching Buffy is for the dialog - and the episode has no dialog.

I also don't get why people say they don't like Season 6, and that it's "so dark." Hello? Guess which season Buffy dies in? Seasons 1 and 5. Not Season 6.

No, in Season 6 Willow raises Buffy from the dead. In Season 6 Buffy and Spike have the hottest sex ever shown on network television (and the Buzzfeed list rightly mentions how unusually explicit the episode "Smashed" is.) Season 6 has one of the most popular episodes, the musical "Once More with Feeling" episode.

Season 6 has the funniest bits with "the Trio" and it has the most tragic and dramatic bits with Dark Willow the season's "Big Bad" - especially when Dark Willow and the Trio collide.

And how awesome of a switch-up is the whole premise of Willow as the Big Bad? In every other season the Big Bad was some scary supernatural alien force. In Season 6 Big Bad is a character who was completely mild mannered and good, but gone berserk on magic and grief. Only Spike has a more extreme character arc, in the other direction. Oh, and Amy who turns herself into a rat in Season 3 and is turned back to herself by Willow in guess which season? That's right, Season 6, and in fact in the episode Smashed - truly one of the greatest Buffy episodes.

Oh, and in Smashed Amy and Willow join magical forces to punish homophobes.

Best episode ever.

There are a few crappy episodes, but Buffy Season 6 is the absolute best. The other seasons in order from best to worst:

Season 5
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1
Season 4
Season 7

I certainly don't count any of the Buffy comic books as actual "seasons" although some misguided souls do.