Monday, November 11, 2013

Antonia Crane, rape apologist

I was amazed and appalled by this "honest" and "human" article which I found via Slate in which sex worker Antonia Crane interviews a former john and he admits to using a woman who was the victim of sex trafficking, knowing she was:
Rumpus: But it’s not consensual. It’s coercion. It’s sex slavery.
Max: And I felt very remorseful when I learned this. And then I did it again.
Crane wants you to believe that this is just a sad but understandable human weakness. In the comments beneath the story she exonerates Max and herself:
It’s clear from the comments above (particularly Mia, Laurie and LDB) that this is a topic where people experience strong visceral feelings. I found Max’s transparency about his experiences with women in the sex industry brave and honest. What’s interesting is human desperation. I don’t think that being a kind, generous client in that situation makes Max a self centered, unfeeling asshole. It makes him honest and human. The disdain that some of you have for this client is, sadly, what my article exposes. You helped me do that. It’s not an article about sex trafficking, but the places we hide ourselves and the ways we connect with people sexually. I’ve never met anyone who condones sex slavery. It’s a horrendous, monstrous thing. Perhaps his interaction with them was a bright spot in their day. Have you ever talked to a woman who has been pimped out and sold? Have you ever given her money? Shelter? 
See it's "human desperation" and the article wasn't about sex trafficking so why are you people making such a tiresome big deal about it? And unless you have personally tried to rescue sex slaves, you are a big hypocrite to point out that having sex with someone who is being held against their will in the sex trade is rape. How dare you insinuate that Max paid the slave master to rape the slave!

Max isn't some poor guy reaching out for human companionship, he's a rapist. And Antonia Crane is fine with rape and she finds you weird and puritanical for having such qualms.

It's people like Antonia Crane who help the sex slavers do what they do. And she's not ashamed to tell the world about it, because she is a moral cretin.

She has a blog - here we see Naomi Wolfe giving her tacit approval to rape apologist Antonia Crane.