Saturday, February 26, 2011

sometimes you need Beatles

This is a scientific fact.

Some good/weird stuff on Youtube...

Paul explains the difference between Hitler and the Beatles

Damn that is one attractive man.

John Lennon apologizes to monks (near the end of the clip)...

Interview of the pod people - this one is very strange - the Beatles are being interviewed by people of indeterminate geographic origin who ask weird and/or excessively personal things about the Beatles.

I've been reviewing lots of Beatles clips and it really is amazing the absolute onslaught that these four guys endured from masses of people. What a strange life.

Ringo dances - and the infamous Murry the K is in attendance.

The "Rain" video - I love this song. But what is UP with Paul's top left incisor? It looks like it's seriously chipped.

Ticket to Ride performance - I have never seen this before - they are lip-synching in a studio - great interplay between John and Paul - I've never seen anything quite like it in a Beatles video. And the posting gives no information about this video's provenance. Perhaps an outtake from "Help!"?

In the middle of this clip John and Yoko break off from kissing to do a waltz to George's "I Me Mine"

and finally.... take my Beatles quiz - I created this over ten years ago and it's still online. The Internet never forgets:

Which member of the Beatles are you like?

If you know anything about the Beatles you can easily rig this to match up with your favorite Beatle.