Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fox Force not quite five

My daughter and her girlfriend threw me a birthday party Saturday night - fun! But unfortunately we did not have all members of Fox Force Five in attendance - we were one short. I've been trying to get us all together for years now, but one person or another is always busy.

I wrote a play about a gang of friends who call themselves Fox Force Five - called FOX FORCE FIVE that I produced as part of STRESS AND THE CITY two years ago.

The play is based on a true story - the other members of FF5 and I were having drinks at a place on the Lower East Side, when this woman, Jackie E (she told us her real last name but I'll use an initial) plopped herself down in our booth to get away from her boyfriend's midwestern buddies whom she claimed were excruciatingly boring. She also volunteered the information that her boyfriend had a large penis.

In this clip of a reading of FF5 Phoebe Summersquash is playing herself - she really did freak out Jackie E. by claiming that they made out in another bar - it turned out that Phoebe knew some of the same people Jackie E. knew in Providence Rhode Island - where Phoebe is originally from.

Fox Force Five reading #1

In this next clip of a different reading of FF5, Reagan Wilson, who is a member of FF5 is playing the Phoebe role, while Valerie David, also a member, is playing the role of Jackie E. - and since she met Jackie E. her take on the character is very much influenced by the actual woman.

Fox Force Five reading #2

The origins of the name "Fox Force Five."