Sunday, February 06, 2011

boots & swords

One thing that makes a producer happy is to recycle stuff from other shows, so I was very pleased that I could use some of the swords from my TAM LIN production, and boots from my JANE EYRE production.

I have a whole arsenal of swords from TAM LIN and this is the first time I've used one in another production - and the last TAM LIN full-fledged production was October 2005. Captain Clark and Mr. Quirk fight with the swords - although one of the actors says she might borrow light sabers from her brother, so the swords could get axed.

The boots shown in the picture were customized for the actor who wore them in JANE EYRE, and Abe here is the first actor who could fit into them since that production, which was 2008 - three years ago now - time flies!

Who knew that riding boots could also double for sci-fi uniform boots? And Abe was amazed at how easy it is to get those boots off with the boot jack. It's lucky they are, since there are several quick changes in THE SLASH.