Friday, February 18, 2011

THE SLASH videos

A few teaser videos I did to promote THE SLASH - one of the advantages of a non-Equity show is that you can videotape.

In the world of slash fiction, they don't only queer up the leading men of TV shows, literature, etc. There is also - and this is common, apparently, to non-slash fan fiction too - a widely used, though disparaged convention of the "Mary Sue" - an avatar used to represent the author for greater vicarious fun. In my play Sharon's avatar is "Shee-ron" the beautiful but innocent native girl, while Bernadette's avatar is Una, the not-so-innocent daughter of the bad guy of the story ("Rod Neutron aka Yali" - everybody got an alternate identity in this play) and a native woman.

In this first clip, Captain Clark (Mike Durell) teaches Shee-ron (Amanda Thickpenny) about "love." I love the way Mike does a little wind-up/knuckle-cracking before going into the clinch.

In this clip Una (Carolyn Paine) forces Mr. Quirk (Abe Lebovic) to go into the Chloridian version of heat by slapping some synthetic roxydimethidrine (I made that drug up, obviously) onto his forehead. And my favorite part of the play, where Bernadette has an embarrassing typo in her story. I was gratified it got a laugh. I also love when Carolyn shushes Abe with a finger to his lips.

And this is the big fight scene - Captain Clark vs. Mr. Quirk. I love when Amanda, as Sharon, does an impersonation of Bernadette as Una, when she says Una's lines. That's me as the doggy for the sound cue.

The conflict that has developed between Sharon and Bernadette has leaked into their story - the avatars do battle! Carolyn demonstrates her years of dance training and Amanda executes a perfect fake punch.