Tuesday, February 08, 2011

boots of savage leather

What is it about these Rochester/Mr. Quirk boots? Both actors who wore them wanted to keep them. THE SLASH's Mr. Quirk told me during rehearsal tonight that he wants to buy them from me. I don't know if I'll sell them or not - these boots seem to possess some powerful mojo.

Although I did offer to sell them to the first actor who wore them - and he got mad at me because he felt that I should just gift them to him - after he behaved like a jerk throughout my production. Some people just have a vast sense of entitlement I guess. He claimed he couldn't afford to buy them, so I said he might want to borrow the money from his girlfriend, who had spent the entire production finding fault with everything I did. I suggested to him that if she was so smart, surely she was also rich. For whatever reason, he did not cough up the dough. His loss.

Certainly every man who has worn these boots looks good in them - but perhaps that's my own personal fetish - I happen to think that men look good in boots. One of the reasons why I love it when men wear Regency period clothing.

Speaking of which...

The image above is more about the velvet coat than the boots, which the model is wearing under his trousers. But he still looks damn fine.

And as the Oregon Regency Society points out: outfitting a regency man isn't easy.

But oh so worth it. And I sure am sorry I missed the 2010 Edinburgh Festival:
Darcy paces a lavishly-furnished regency chamber, clad in dishy regency riding boots; this is a one-man show featuring the gentleman-hero himself.

It appears that I am far from alone in my Regency/boots fetish.

Well you can't find a video of Bob Dylan doing his "Boots of Spanish Leather" so I am posting the next best thing - Joan Baez doing a cover: