Sunday, February 06, 2011

THE SLASH production photos

Carolyn Paine has been a dancer since she was a little kid and it certainly shows. I took production photos for THE SLASH on Saturday and I made her hold this pose for 30 seconds and she kept her leg in that exact position the whole time. I didn't make her hold it cause I'm evil, but because my damn fancy digital camera had to wait for everything to be just so before it allowed the flash to go off. Oy. But as much as I like this, I can't use it for a production photo.

I did use this one:

To get this shot I got on the floor looking up at their faces - Carolyn was holding Amanda Thickpenny down and that's the only way I could see their faces. It worked out pretty well I think. The shadow behind Carolyn's head is on the ceiling. That camera does have a pretty damn good flash.

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