Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go Gabby

I've done a disservice to the inestimable blog "Nudity Required No Pay" by harping on the one entry. Gabby has amusing stuff on her blog all the time - and as she says:
HAPPY 200TH ENTRY Nudity Required, No Pay readers! Thanks to all you lovelies out there who need a good laugh. But thanks even more to all you nutters who are busy writing scripts for a sci-fi/fantasy/historical/thriller/horror feature, which will shoot with no budget, after the cast drives themselves to the backwoods of Pennsylvania, to run through the woods naked, doing their own stunts. Your optimism is refreshing and I wish you the best! Keep the ads coming...

You can bet that the nutters don't read her blog - they wouldn't want to anyway because it might ruin their illusions that the poor desperate female actors who smile at them and laugh at their lame jokes actually like them and think they're cool.

Some goodies:

It's Funny Because It Sounds Degrading!

The Best Soldiers Have The Biggest "Bazookas"

The Romance of Prostitution!

and my personal favorite post title:

Thin Mints is PEOPLE!

Nudity is so often required from actors - especially female ones - in these kinds of movies - and rarely is there pay. Some screenwriters do OK for themselves though (and don't have to get naked) - some of them, like Eric Steele, even have agents who hammer out agreements and "secure great deals" for them. Well who can afford to pay actors when you're giving screenwriters great deals? But then again, if you want a script chock-a-block full of hoverbikes and floating casinos you expect to pay - that kind of daring originality doesn't come cheap. Move over Robert Towne.