Sunday, August 15, 2010

more gossip please?

A playwright friend recently told me that this blog doesn't have enough personal stuff - which is odd because I usually think it's too personal. I would think people would prefer charts comparing Democratic to Republican tax plans and quotes from Schopenhauer to gossip about my life.

But for the sake of balance I will at least file a report from the wild wild world of Internet dating:

Bob, 49, contacts me, says: "You seem sweet, but I am probably too liberal for you."
Now considering that I am incredibly liberal and that he works on Wall Street, and lives in the suburbs, this doesn't seem likely, so I ask him if he's "negging" me - a concept from the creepster world of "pickup artists." But I deleted his response because my assumption was that he either was, or he just felt like randomly insulting me. I occasionally do get insulting email from conservative guys because I state in my profile that I do not like conservative guys. At all.

So he contacts me again and I tell him that I'm not into guys with white beards (which is completely true, it skeeves me out) although he's one of the few available guys in my age-range who has a decent head of hair - and I have finally come to the conclusion that I do have a fetish about men's head hair. But still - white beard - ugh. And really, any beard is kinda ugh. But a white beard doubly so.

So to my amazement he shaves the beard. He reports back to me that he has gotten lots of positive responses. He also says I have a "nice face." Hmmm... we shall see about this one. I really didn't expect him to shave his beard, I expected him to respond the way most middle-aged guys respond to any suggestions that they might alter their appearances - which is with lots of hostility. Middle-aged men fervently believe that women don't actually care what potential sex partners look like, and besides they believe there is nothing so spendiferous as a middle-aged man in his natural state - no hair-dying, no use of hair products at all, no buying fashionable and/or flattering clothes, and no shaving unless you have to for your job. Hell, plenty of them don't even bother dealing with their excessive nose hair.

And then they'll pursue women who are much younger than themselves and then complain about gold diggers. There is nothing so delusional as a middle-aged man. So this one is definitely a surprise.

More dating gossip to come - I do try to be amusing and not boring.