Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just as the blog Nudity Required, No Pay is indispensable for today's modern woman surfing the net, so too is OKStupid, the place for people, especially women, to share some of the stupid and obnoxious communications they get from people on Internet dating sites. My favorite so far:
him: hey scrumptious
him: you remind of a yummy stew with dumplings :) perfectly seasoned
me: okay. I think that's a compliment…
him: it is, do you prefer “aww your so beautiful" "i like your breasts” etc etc
me: not really
me: but I’m not into cannibalism either.
him: majority of ppl aren't I’d hope
him: why did you bring up cannabilism?
me: what do you normally do to stew? talk to it, or eat it?
him: bad day?
me: no, I’m always like this
him: fuck you then
me: you don’t want to do that to stews either.