Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Rosemary's Baby

I went to see "Rosemary's Baby" at Bryant Park last night with a mob of people - great night for it - cool enough for a sweater. We ate hummus and drank wine and got re-acquainted with old theatre friends and it was all-around free fun. I wasn't too impressed by the movie though... I guess because I'd heard it was so awesome and scary and it was neither. And I despise Roman Polanski. And I liked Ruth Gordon much better in "Harold and Maude."

I've always heard good things about John Cassavetes and liked him even better when I read Mia Farrow's autobiography "What Falls Away" and she reported that Cassavetes and Polanski were at each others' throats throughout "Rosemary's Baby"- and also...
One workday, while we were waiting to shoot, Roman was discoursing about the impossibility of long-term monogamy given the brevity of a man's sexual attraction for any one woman. An impassioned John Cassavetes responded that Roman knew nothing about women, or relationships, and that he, John, was more attracted than ever to his wife Gena Rowlands. Roman stared at him and blinked a few times, and for once had no reply.

Awesome - Man vs. Rapist Pedophile.