Wednesday, May 12, 2010

J & B - the next level

Photo: GB and Charlotte (not Julia and Buddy)

Wow, I had a great reading of my new play JULIA AND BUDDY tonight - I think it's just about ready to roll out - probably in the Midtown International Theater Fest.

Daniel Genalo, who did great work this weekend in my NEW RULES was Buddy and he had great chemistry with NYCPlaywrights member Claire Warden as Julia. Claire is brilliant, as the NYTimes agrees. And also her British dialect is a huge plus - Received Pronunciation is her native mode and to American ears it makes her sound smart without having to belabor the intelligence issue.

During the feedback I was told that this version of the play - which I began a year ago - is MUCH better than previous versions, and I think I know why - I tried to shove heaping helpings of Schopenhauer down the audience's throat in other versions. But it's so obviously unnecessary with Claire - with her plummy mode of speaking, she sounds smart reading from the phone book.