Monday, May 24, 2010

grown-up Pippi?

Very interesting piece in the NYTimes:
An old colleague of Mr. Larsson’s has said they once talked about how certain characters from children’s books would manage and behave if they were older. Mr. Larsson especially liked the idea of a grown-up Pippi, a dysfunctional girl, probably with attention deficit disorder, who would have had a hard time finding a place in society but would nonetheless take a firm hand in directing her own destiny. That musing led to the creation of Lisbeth Salander, the central character in Mr. Larsson’s trilogy.
I relate to this because one of the three plays I'm currently working on, CELIA, has a character that is my idea of what Tom Sawyer might be like when he grew up - and fell in love with his uncle's slave.

I always loved Pippi Longstocking - she was a fun super hero for girls long before the Power Puff Girls.

You gotta love the PPG theme song:

Fighting crime, trying to save the world, here they come just in time, the Power Puff Girls.