Saturday, May 15, 2010

Google Maps tourism - Haworth

It's fun sometimes to tour around various places in the world via Google Maps, especially if you can't afford to actually travel anywhere. I decided to have a look at Haworth, where the Bronte sisters were from.

Although the Bronte Parsonage Museum is on the map, the Google photo truck did not go down Church Lane past the museum, so the best you can do is peek down Church Lane from the corner of Church and West.

That electric blue shape in the front of the photo is the cab of a truck. Modern cars look so out of place in these tiny quaint English towns. Here is The Black Bull, where Bramwell Bronte used to get his drink on.

There isn't huge amounts of Bronte references in the neighborhood, but there are a few, like Ye Olde Bronte Tea Room:

The Villette Coffee House

And - I'm not sure what they sell here, Eyres 'N' Graces.