Sunday, July 20, 2008

Real Lame Sex

I caught some of HBOZ's "Real Sex" - it should be called "'Real Sex' for Straight Men" based on the constant images of boobs, and the almost non-existence of attractive males. It's basically soft-core "straight" porn.

They featured "Femmes Fatales: MacBeth in the Nude." I don't know how much editing they did of the original text, but it sure looks like the only scenes they kept are the witches scenes. And boy, they were the worst actors I've ever seen - it was painful to hear them butcher Shakespeare's words. And here's the thing that gets me - these "actors" didn't even have especially good bodies - they seemed really average to me. Yet they were working in a strip club. Do strip clubs pretty much take anybody?

I just read that this show was canceled. Does anybody care?