Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ingres is the man

The paintings of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres are nice, but his drawings are incredible. And to add to the wonderfulness, he was active in the Empire fashion period, which roughly corresponds to the English Regency fashion period, which is one of the best times for hot men's clothing. There is nothing better than a cute guy in a Regency costume. It's like a wonderful present in the most beautiful gift-wrapping, and although you are dying to unwrap, you don't want to ruin the beauty of the presentation either. *siiigh*

It seems that many people on youtube have created montages of men in period costume. Although the editing is usually pretty poor, and the background music questionable ("It's raining men"?), still, it's fun to watch Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, etc. running around in the Regency hotness.

But back to Ingres - pronounced ENG-reh... close enough... that's his portrait of Franz Liszt above.

More manly Ingres sketch hotness... click the image to see the larger version.