Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Impeachment "Hamlets"?

I got an email from my computer sensei Stan Pokras (he introduced me to my first Macintosh in 1986), discussing the possibility of impeaching G. W. Bush. The idea of impeaching Bush is nothing new - what caught my eye was the designation of those unsure of impeachment as "Impeachment Hamlets."

I'm sorry but that's bullshit. Hamlet was NOT indecisive - at least no more so than ANYBODY would be after he's seen a ghost tell him that his uncle killed his father and he should do something about it. And by doing something about it he means basically that Hamlet has to take on the entire Danish government. I think any sane person would be a LITTLE indecisive about what to do there.

And YES, Hamlet IS SANE. If nobody else saw the ghost of his father, you could make a case that he was bonkers. But Shakespeare very clearly sets up a situation where there are multiple witnesses who see ghostly old Hamlet Sr. - Horiatio, Francisco and Bernardo - in addition to Hamlet. So unless they are ALL crazy, Hamlet is not crazy.

Really, the junk that gets piled on Hamlet, you have to wonder how the play survives at all.