Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Great Happiness Space

There is an amazing documentary, The Great Happiness Space, showing on the Sundance Channel - they have the best stuff - they also showed "Slings and Arrows" - about a club where women go to pay to hang out with attractive, attentive men. They may or may not have sex. Which is understandable, because most of the women who go to this club are prostitutes, who spend all day jerking off salary men. It's striking how often these prostitutes say that they come to the "host club" to get "healed." These men act as super-great boyfriends, always interested in talking to them and listening to their problems.

But men should take notice of these clubs - these are men whom the women who are paid for sex, will in turn pay to be with. They are in their 20s, all have lots of hair - most of it streaked blond, are slim, boyishly male, not rugged or super-butch, and wear nice clothes and boots. Makes me miss my Korean ex-boyfriend.

Although this phenomenon of male prostitution for women (they DO have sex with them sometimes although that fact is played down in both the documentary and in reviews) seems to be confined so far to Japan only, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it spread throughout the world - wherever women earn their own money.

More about host and hostess clubs in Japan here.