Friday, July 04, 2008

big change in attitude at NutriSystems!

I blogged about a NutriSystem commercial back in January 2007 because it pissed me off. The gist of the commercial was this:
...That's why NutriSystem is great for guys. It lets you eat your favorite foods, but in an incredibly smart and effective way. No counting, no measuring, no weighing in. What guy has the patience for that?
(my emphasis)

So today I saw a commercial for NutriSystems - a woman says almost the same thing: "who has time for that?"

So perhaps NutriSystems doesn't think that men's time is more valuable than women's time any more. Good for them.

Not that I'm going to use NutriSystems. I find the best way to stay in shape is to eat less and have my ass kicked three days a week by my trainer.