Monday, May 19, 2008

Some people like my sonnets!

I posted four of my Sonnets in G - #1, 3, 5 & 7 - on an erotic poetry forum. Yes, there is such a thing. And wow, the reception has been quite flattering and enthusiastic. Maybe I can be a poet after all. And really, I did make love to that employment, so to speak. Besides, what other possible occupation could I find that has even LESS earning potential than playwright? I always excel in anything which has no earning potential attached. I'm also a good portraitist in an age when electronic images are cheap and easy.

But onto the embarrassingly effusive praise!

For Sonnet 1: Who could stand against such heart wrenching image: "But still the white-foam-spraying dreams remain,/
Sweating a sad tormented yearning girl" and not at least extend a word of encouragement to the expelled beauty on the shores of this poetry section? A true Sonnet of a heart broken love (if only all of them were sung so beautifully...)

For Sonnet 3: I hear echoes from dialogues on love from Exupéry's "the little Prince", there is humor not to mention some erotic lines. Throw in some chilling Inca imagary and Psycho dynamic jargon - all in one Sonnet which holds it all gracefully; I mean, come on!

(I am really impressed that that person got the Inca imagery from the lines: "When your scarlet still-beating heart is twain / And yanked out bloody from your twitching shell.")

For Sonnet 5: "Does slay me, violates my volition": Yea Yea, Been there burned there...Great two ending lines to another smart very good poem.

For Sonnet 7: What a gusto of talent! What can I say? I am very gratefull that you put this perfect poem for us to read.

Well, what can I say but...

IN YO FACE Dickinson!