Saturday, May 24, 2008

oh so lame

I regret to report that the latest Indiana Jones movie is soooo lame!

Apparently no matter how much money you have, the one thing that is almost impossible to buy is a GOOD SCRIPT.

And the worst was the way they ruined the Marion character.

It's too awful to talk about. Argh!

I'll let the Village Voice do it:
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is as joyless as its predecessors were blissful: Its sole intention seems to be the launching of a new franchise with LaBeouf's Mutt as heir to his father's fedora. And no, it spoils nothing to give away that LaBeouf is the son of Indiana Jones and Karen Allen's Marion Ravenwood, who appears late in the film and serves little function other than to grin like a schoolgirl at the professor who got away.