Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vanity Fair hates women

Read the Mein Kampf of male privilege right here

Echidne fights back

My response, as usual, is much less polite than Echidne's. My letter to Vanity Fair:

I have rarely read a screed seething which such misogny as the hate piece by Michael Wolff.

I long suspected that Vanity Fair was a nest of ugly old white men hanging onto male privilege for dear life. Now I know it.

Dear Michael Wolf - I like MUCH younger men. It's not a guy thing, essentialist moron. Now eat shit and die.

If you are a woman over 30 years old and have a subscription to Vanity Fair and you don't cancel that subscription you are A FUCKING IDIOT.

Digby comments

Lance Mannion chimes in

The Daily Howler hasn't discussed it yet, but I did discover that Wolff was the object of Bob's scorn back in 2005.