Sunday, March 13, 2016

Still don't look like her

THE PINK HULK post-performance feedback

I went to see my pal Val's developmental performance of her new one-woman show THE PINK HULK, based on her own real-life experiences. I saw the first public reading of the piece a couple of weeks ago and it's definitely coming along. She will be taking this to a festival in NYC soon.

Unfortunately the MTA is just as annoying in Manhattan as in Queens. I went to take the subway to see the show which was in Midtown and all would have been fine except that they decided to do one of those deals where your local train isn't stopping at your station - so you have to go in the wrong direction until you get to a station where the train is stopping and then you get off there and take the train in the direction you want to go, This process could add another 30 minutes to your trip, and I didn't have 30 minutes to spare.

So here I am taking a taxi to get to the show on time. You know who I look like? Well whoever it is, it is not Nina Hartley.