Thursday, March 17, 2016

John Oliver: older women are disgusting, and if you disagree you're a sexual weirdo

I missed this episode of Last Week Tonight - here I was getting ready to say yet again what a cool guy John Oliver is, thanks to his Women's Day episode, when I caught this months-old excerpt:

Beginning at 1:55 he says (to uproarious laughter), and what can only be described as the penis-haunting - India if you want your population to look at less pornography, don't just unblock these site, make them mandatory because believe me ah-ftah looking at them I never want to have sex again. 

Mind you, not bestiality or people eating shit or any of the other extreme non-human-body-sex porn categories that are arguably objectively gross - Olive suggests that just looking at an older woman having sex  - or just her face! - is the most disgusting thing he could possibly imagine.

I mean, I certainly don't seek out porn with old men in it, but I also don't think it's my place to tell anybody who does that they're weirdos with unimaginably awful predilections.

Can you imagine the controversy if he had said tranny porn was disgusting? His show would probably have been cancelled immediately.

This is a screen cap of part of the splash page for - looking at these women will turn John Oliver celibate.

Because apparently if you're over 30 you are a hideous troll to John Oliver. God only knows what he thinks of Hillary Clinton.

And this is one of the monsters featured on the splash page of

Damn and I thought John Oliver was one of the good guys. I'm not sure if I'm quite old enough to be in the granny-porn category, although I'm pretty sure I rank as "mature." Maybe I'm sensitive because people keep telling me I look like Nina Hartley, but still I have to say on behalf of all older women and the people who find them unrepulsive: