Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Finally made it to the Pinetum

I've already been living here officially for half a month and this was the first time I managed to get to the Pinetum (pie-KNEE-tem). There were no sign of Martha Stewart but lots and lots of dogs. It was like the entirety of Central Park was transformed into a dog run. I don't begrudge the poor doggies - they probably spend most of their lives cooped up in too-small apartments. Most of them appeared to be ecstatic that they were out and about. It's really disturbing though to see some of the breeds that are being kept in the city, including working dogs like this Shetland sheepdog (upper left side of photo.) I really don't think it's fair to keep large dogs in the city, even if you take them out once a day to the park. The city is bad enough for those annoying little yapper dogs like the one who lives across the hall from me and is right this moment yapping, no doubt out of loneliness because his owner is out all day at work.

Anyway, in addition to dogs I did see pine trees, pine cones etc.

And picnic tables.

And a cardinal.

Genuine Pinetum pine cones

I knew that the Delacorte Theater, home of the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park was nearby, but I didn't realize how close it is - during my very brief and leisurely pre-work stroll in the park I walked right by it. Maybe this year I will get to actually see Shakespeare in the Park from inside the Delacorte. Although it is kind of fun to listen outside via loudspeakers while sipping Chardonnay which they sell at the concession stand.