Saturday, January 23, 2016


Seen recently on the UES - a lot of doggies

Once again I am leaning towards the Upper East Side of Manhattan for my big move. I lived there before and it's actually more affordable than Brooklyn Heights or, if you can believe it, the Jersey City neighborhoods along the waterfront. And my family doctor and my veterinarian are both still on the UES.

Although I suppose I shouldn't try for anything between Fifth Avenue and Park:
According to the Census Bureau, throughout a sweeping stretch of midtown—from Forty-ninth to Seventieth streets, between Fifth Avenue and Park—nearly one in three apartments is completely empty at least ten months a year. In a revealing 2014 New York piece, which observed that real-estate ownership in the city “can be made as untraceable as a numbered bank account,” a developer concludes, “The global elite is basically looking for a safe-deposit box.”
It should be noted the the between 5th Ave and Park it becomes the Upper East Side, not midtown at 60th street.

It should also be noted that if you don't like crowds, 5th Avenue on the UES on Sunday morning is the best place to walk - probably because it's a ghost town if the Census Bureau is to be believed.