Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I was a Bensalem Rambler

The goofy-looking redhead in the first row in case you couldn't guess.
My old friend Laura shared this photo of my softball team - "Bensalem Ramblers" is the collective name of the sports organization. Our team was the Doves.

I'm kind of goofy looking but I am not nearly as hideous as I remembered myself from those days - I guess the result of being told by the other kids in Catholic school what an ugly monster I was for several years, day in and day out. 

At first when Laura sent me the photo I wasn't sure it was me partly because I thought I was uglier. But then I recognized some of the girls in the photo with me. I don't remember names but I definitely remember the girl on the far left in the first row with the dark hair and white ribbons in her pig-tails. I remember wishing I looked like her and wishing I had her winning personality. I expect that my near-constant state of anxiety about playing softball didn't help me win any friends. I look much more relaxed and happy in this photo than I ever remember being while on the team. Plus I was not a good player, and in the hierarchy of the sports world that makes you pretty much a non-person.

I also remember the third girl from the left in the first row. She was an awesome athlete. If memory serves it was pretty much due to her skill that we won the championship both years I was on the team. Her and the girl to the right of me. They were like goddesses to me in those days, so much did I admire their skill at softball.