Friday, January 22, 2016

My old friend the Jesus freak

My best friend in late grammar school/early high school is now a Jesus freak. She wasn't much of a friend really and one time when we were teenagers she and another friend of hers ditched me to go to the mall - but in any case she was the closest I had to a best friend back then, and I attended her first wedding, and a few years after that she tried to get me a gig doing graphics in public television - to no avail but I do owe her for trying.

I found out just how much of a Jesus freak she is when I saw she was trying to drum up money via Go Fund Me for a book she's been writing. Her Go Fund Me plea reads something like this:
As a child I suffered with a heart condition that continued to get worse when I grew older. I eventually experienced healing by the power of Jesus, working through the doctors at (name of hospital.) For the past 10 years I have been writing this book about how it is posible to help yourself through difficulties and to reduce stress by spending time prayerfully listening to God's words and being guided by the Holy Spirit. Compelling Biblical scripture and inspiring natural images fill the pages with restful and rejuvenating moments to enjoy.  I believe that all things are possible through the Lord for as it says in the Bible, Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

She never mentioned to me when we were kids that she had a heart condition - and in fact I seem to remember that when trying out for the girl's basketball team she made the cut and I did not. So I guess her condition wasn't all that bad at the time.  But even more so I don't remember her being an especially devout Catholic. I guess this heart condition scared her out of her wits.

This does demonstrate exactly what I was talking about here 
The main point of religion is the creation and maintenance of a system into which believers put prayers and donations, and in exchange out comes health, wealth and even eternal life in paradise. It's a pretty good deal - not just something for nothing - more like everything for almost nothing. No wonder conservatives go for it.
I don't  know if my old friend is politically conservative now but she certainly made a good deal for herself - read the Bible and in exchange Jesus will fix your heart condition. Of course you could also get your heart condition fixed with health insurance and a crack team of cardiologists - which I expect my friend also had - and skip the Bible reading.

Many of the doctors listed in the cardiac department of the hospital where she was healed appear to be Jewish and Indian. I wonder what they would think about her suggesting that she was healed by Jesus working through them.

Well that's nice that Jesus wanted her to survive her heart condition - although he should have thought not to give her one in the first place - but apparently he doesn't want her to be a published author. Since December she's only gotten a single donor giving $25.