Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I very rarely play either my guitar or my very expensive real-piano-action keyboard - it's a terrible shame. And I can't play the banjo at all. So it's silly for me to have any regrets over giving away the banjo that I bought strictly as a prop for my HUCK FINN adaptation. But I do, a little, but I am hopeful that the banjo's new owner will put it to good use by playing it a lot.

Although the movie many people associate most with banjos is "Deliverance" - with the prominent use of the song "Dueling Banjos" - although in the movie the "duel" is actually between a banjo and a guitar, the movie I most associate with banjos is "Harold and Maude" especially the ending. Here is the ending - it's a HUGE spoiler so don't watch it unless you've seen the movie.