Monday, January 04, 2016

Moving memories

I am starting to get organized and packed up for my move in a month, although I still don't know where I'm moving yet. But I have a couple of boxes of old photos and other memorabilia. These two are photos of me - the headshot is me at age 25 (I am a redhead by birth) and the black and white one is me at 21. The black and white was taken by my photographer friend Geri, and I'm not sure exactly why I'm standing in an elevator holding a cigarette (I stopped smoking at age 16) but I think she was making A Statement of some kind.

The one at age 25 was before I was able to afford to get myself some orthodontics. That wouldn't happen for another seven years. My nose has gotten a lot more bulbous since this photo was taken though... I might have to do something about that.

I promised myself I would throw out a lot of this old stuff and so far I have kept almost all of it. I'm weak.