Thursday, January 14, 2016

US Army Corps of Civil Rights Engineers: a proposal

By way of the Southern Poverty Law Center in my Facebook feed comes news that Death threats prompt company hired to removed Confederate monuments to back out of job.

Many people on the thread said they'd gladly be paid to do the job.

But actually, I have a much better idea: The US Army Corps of Civil Rights Engineers, an all-volunteer brigade.

All freedom-loving Americans could join and we would travel throughout the South destroying these statues created to glorify traitors who attacked the United States of America in order to preserve the unspeakable evil of human bondage.

We could have a whole ceremony before we do it - if it's a Confederate general we could list how many slaves he owned, how many Union soldiers died fighting his troops, as well as reading how many slaves were freed when the territory he was defending fell to the North.

And then since most of these Southern states are "open-carry" we could auction off the chance to shoot at these statues until they're just a pile of rubble.  If it isn't open carry, we will auction off the right to detonate the dynamite attached to the statue.

We make money:
  •  through the auction, 
  • selling video recordings of the shoot-up/blow up and 
  • through selling pieces of the rubble to Confederacy lovers who want to cherish a relic of their "heritage."
The proceeds of course pocketed by the US government as a tiny drop in the bucket that the Confederacy cost with their treachery.

And then we make Juneteenth a national holiday right up there with the Fourth of July and we celebrate by showing videos of the destruction of these monuments glorifying evil.

I am a descendant of a Union soldier, but you don't have to be that, or black, to hate the Confederacy and all it stood for.

For too long we've allowed the South to white-wash the incredible evil that was the Confederacy. No more bowing down to them and their distorted understanding of "pride" and "heritage" - it's time to treat the Confederacy exactly as we do the Third Reich. Because in terms of human evil it is exactly the same.