Monday, October 27, 2014

Yes I did successfully run another 5K

Nome with her medal
In all the excitement of going to Beacon (some people who live in Beacon commute into NYC daily, so it's not like it's that far away but still, I never go anywhere...) I forgot to report in on my latest 5K - it was the Haunted 5K on Roosevelt Island.

Unlike the Mother's Day run, I was not hindered by babysitting a kid, and of course I've been in training all summer, so my time was much better - I ran this last 5K in 40:24, while my Mother's day time was 43:06.

Although my Governor's Island 4th of July time was 39.46 - 38 seconds faster. I guess stopping to tie my sneaker this time cost me more than I realized.

At least I beat the guy running near me most of the race. He must have been at least ten years older than me and he kept sprinting ahead, while my pace was slow and steady. So he would sprint and then run out of steam and I would catch up to him, then he would sprint again, I would catch up - this happened about five or six times. Eventually he just gave up on the sprinting and I maintained my lead until the finish. Slow and steady wins the race, suckah. Or at least finishes sooner. The winner in my age division beat me by over ten minutes. But hey, at least I got a medal.