Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J&B still hanging in there

Matt DeCapua and Claire Warden
In spite of a whole bunch of tsuris I've gotten from all sides in preparation for the Midtown International Theater Festival's Awards Party coming up this Monday we are still on track to perform five minutes of JULIA & BUDDY. It's quite surprising actually - at least two times in the past week I was sure that I was going to bag the whole thing out of extreme aggravation - the details of which I might share on this blog after the whole thing is over, depending on how much people annoy me on Monday.

It looks like I might have a gal pal posse with me, which would be awesome, as my friend Starra from San Francisco will be in town, and my friends from work Frances and Mina will probably be there. Which is good because I may need backup.

In honor of the fact that I haven't scuttled the project yet, here are a few more photos from the 2014 production. I hope to have photos and even video from Monday's performance. 

This is a rehearsal outtake - Buddy never actually plays the
recorder during the play - we just see a "video" of Buddy
performing a brief section of HAMLET and he just
holds the recorder. Although in the play Hamlet
does try to get Rosencrantz and/or Guildenstern to play it.

This happens in the play. There's a fair amount of kissing
throughout the play. Well it is a romantic comedy after all.