Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beacon NY

My trip to Beacon NY lasted all of 24 hours from the time I left my apartment to the time I got back. But I so rarely get out of NYC that it was a big deal for me. So I have pictures.

And it also confirmed for me that I don't like to stay at a bed and breakfast. From now on it's only hotels for me. The place I stayed at last night with Starra had all kinds of issues for me, but the worst of all was when we were served a runny quiche, which also didn't taste very good (it tasted more like an undercooked omelette than anything else)  for breakfast. I ate a bit and then covered the rest with my napkin.

Apparently our plates were examined back in the kitchen, and instead of just ignoring the uneaten food, the guy who owns the B&B actually came back to our table and demanded to know why one of us didn't finish our quiche. Starra and I both assured him that everything was fine, we just weren't that hungry, but how obnoxious is that?

No, not doing that again.

The town of Beacon was pretty charming, and my brother was excited to know they have a Dr. Who-themed restaurant called Pandorica on Main Street. They had a Halloween parade while my friend Starra and I were in Pandorica, so we went out and took pictures.

The proprietor of The Pandorica in the white apron.

Looks like they had a big turn-out for a small town.
They also had a big Magritte-esque mural - I made Starra stand in front of it.

The bathroom door of Pandorica