Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Indie Theater Sociopaths

I've long said that the whole "Indie Theater" phenomenon is just a club where a bunch of people who all know each other take turns giving each other awards. I had to laugh though when I saw that the person who won a directors award recently is one of the nastiest individuals I have ever... well not exactly met.

I had a falling out with a friend of this director, so the director took it upon herself to attack me personally, even though she had never met me, and my relationship with her friend was none of her damn business. And no, this is not a high school student - this is a woman well into middle age.

The way she attacked me was this: I wrote poetry about my feelings about her friend as a form of therapy and posted them to this blog. She mocked me for writing poetry, in a Facebook group created especially just to mock me, and on her friend Andrew Bellware's web site. I talk about it in this blog post here.

That's right, someone who is involved in the arts decided that a good way to attack someone is to mock them for making art. That's the kind of shriveled up little soul this woman has. I responded by making more art - I wrote my play GOOD WOMEN OF MORNINGSIDE in honor of her and another friend of hers (who was probably the original instigator of the attacks.)

In the blog post I linked to above, I make a point about sublimation - turning bad feelings into art. And other friends of the director mocked me for that. I saved the screen shot from Facebook.

Yep, there's Indie Theater people mocking others for advocating the making of art.

I couldn't swear that Indie Theater has a higher percentage of art-hating sociopaths than any other organization - but I wouldn't swear it doesn't either.