Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Atheists vs. Ben Affleck

And he looks much better without a shirt than them too.
I don't think that much about Ben Affleck, normally, and the last time I remember doing so I was annoyed that his movie Argo, which I liked, beat out Lincoln, which I liked much better for the 2013 Best Picture Academy Award.

But I've never admired him more since Affleck stood up to to the right-wing Islamaphobic insanity of Bill Maher and Sam Harris.

The insistence of New Atheists - and Maher may not be an inner member like Harris is, but his smug superiority and of course Islamaphobia makes him one of their buddies - that the very tenets of Islam make it specially powerful, among all religions, in its ability to turn people into terrorists is simplistic in the extreme. They are ideological soul-mates of the Tea Partiers, like the ones who protested against the "ground zero mosque."

I was part of the counter-demonstrations opposed to the anti-mosque demonstrators back in 2010. Here's the video I made, below. Wow, already four years ago.

You know that Maher and Harris are on the right-wing side because the ghouls at the Free Republic, that favorite gathering place of extremists and bigots, absolutely adored what Harris and Maher said.

It is too bad that Affleck is not more conversant on this topic. Jon Stewart has never been on Maher's show as far as I know, but I am sure he would have been on Affleck's side and would have done a better job against Maher and Harris. But you have to give Affleck credit for standing up to the solid wall of smug emanating from Maher and Harris.

I have to say that I agree with Maher on most issues - and he disagrees with Harris about things like gun control and torture - and he is funny. So although he agrees with Sam Harris, he is a much more worthwhile human being. Sam Harris is just useless, except for providing support on most issues to right-wingers. And of course, when it comes to Harris, this question cannot be asked often enough:

Why does anyone take Sam Harris seriously?

I actually had to argue down some Facebook friends (recently befriended though - they might not make it through their probationary period) who were siding with Maher and Harris. It's truly disgusting how simple-minded some liberals can be.