Sunday, June 15, 2014

Holy mother of reality

Queen Mother of Reality by Pawel Althamer

So much for that resolution - I have so much to do to get ready for my JULIA & BUDDY production, as the author/director/producer/costume designer/music director (yes it's because I'm an egomaniac control freak, but mostly because I work cheap) I swore I was going to stop writing about Social Justice Warriors for the duration.

No sooner had I resolved that then I started to get massive hits on my post about Pollitt vs. Kendzior, and then I was sucked back in. I do realize it shows a horrible lack of self-control on my part, but when I saw the sleazy rhetorical tactics used by David Graeber and Sarah Kendzior against Katha Pollitt it just made me so damn mad. And I'm not the only one, as you can see by this fellow's blog. But I know damn well that battling SJWs is ultimately futile - they are a many-headed hydra of irrationality and incessant smearing.

But at least I got nice feedback from someone on Twitter who said:

"Your 6/12 post on SJW & the linked piece to your fight with Kendall are the clearest things I've read on toxic twitter. KUTGW"

And I got a nice note from Pollitt herself. So it wasn't a total waste of time.

Last I checked I've gotten 842 views on the 6/12 post. Which is waaay more than most of my blog posts get - the average is like 20 views. Although to my surprise (I finally checked individual blog post view rates) that's only the fifth most popular blog post.

Here are the top 5.


Aug 28, 2010


Oct 18, 2011


The second and fourth aren't a big surprise - #2 is about a blog that focuses on uncircumcised penii, illustrated by a pretty explicit male nude drawing by Paul Cadmus, and #4 is about the Beatles and is illustrated by a nude photo of John and Yoko.

But #1 is just me ranting about being contacted on a dating site by some Nazi, and #3 -  I had no idea Schopenhauer was that popular - that bodes well for my play.

Anyway, I will try to do better going forward. To get the bad taste of SJWs out, let us contemplate art. I blogged about the sculpture Queen Mother of Reality currently installed at the Socrates Sculpture Park down the street a few weeks ago. I mentioned there that you could go in the sculpture but I hadn't. Well I went in today. It's quite a little hang out in there. It has seats and everything:

So capacious others were in there the same time as me -
I don't know those people though. I wonder if I'm supposed to blur
that woman's face like Google maps

Peeking out from the entrance - I don't think there's room enough for
you AND the baby carriage and me and these other two in here, lady.
Those red things aren't sales tags - they're wishes that children (I assume) wrote.
I didn't get a good clear photo of one, unfortunately.

Bonus - you can spy on the free yoga class from inside - they were packed today. The weather was pretty great.