Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Finding a Buddy

Wow, such problems I have. I've auditioned actors for Buddy and now have to choose between two talented, dynamic and sexy guys. They are both pretty much perfect for the role.

And it was a miracle I found even one guy who could play opposite Claire Warden in JULIA & BUDDY. I auditioned a bunch and I just could not believe how unprofessional so many actors were. Not only did almost none of them have any Shakespeare work under their belt - or ready Shakespeare monologues - many of them clearly did not bother to read the audition pages I emailed them, at least a day before the audition. They frequently butchered my text - not the way to a playwright's heart.

I had to hold back on my social politics when casting this role: I don't think the guy has to be taller than the woman in a romantic couple - any more than I think the guy has to be older than the woman. But I am making the choice to have the actor playing Buddy at least as tall as Claire.

I recently saw a version of KING LEAR in which the actor playing the evil sister Goneril was taller than the actor playing her husband Albany. Well they might have been the same height but then Goneril was wearing high heels which made her taller. And at one point the director had them standing face to face to make it screamingly obvious that she was taller. I don't know exactly what point the director was trying to make with this height issue - was he agreeing with the notion that she's more "manly" than Albany? Because although Goneril says nasty things about him, Albany is one of the good guys and man enough to lead forces against the French. And he has no trouble cursing her out once he finds out she's on the side of evil.

Anyway, I don't want the more symbolic-minded members of the audience thinking I'm editorializing somehow on the issue of the characters' relative stature. No excessive symbolism for me!