Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2 cats

Some say the Internet is for porn - I say it's for cats.

By why do cats rule over the Internet? The New Republic has a piece on that very subject: Why Do Cats Run the Internet? A Scientific Explanation.

It's rare to see my two cats this close together without fighting - usually if Mr. Fuzz (the Siamese) sees Miss Willow looking content and comfortable in the spot where she's resting, he'll suddenly decide that he wants to be in that spot and will chase her out of it. He's such a jerk... but so cute. They both love to sit on the top of my sofa which is leather, and squishy. I've had this sofa for ten years now and it's looking pretty bad, especially with the cat claw marks all over it. But I hate to part with it for the sake of the cats.

You can see the open closet door on the far-left side of the photo above - it's open because that's one of Mr. Fuzz's hobbies - he can't abide closed cabinets and if I close them up he will methodically go around the apartment opening them - he just sticks his claw in the narrow gap of the cabinet door and pops it right open.

Well everybody needs a hobby I guess.