Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another blogger calls out Mikki Kendall for her obsessive hatred

Well Mikki Kendall is slowly getting the attention she deserves for her obsessive hatred of white women. The latest is Adele Wilde-Blavatsky in the Huffington Post:
Yet since when did all white feminists (or women) claim that being married, a mother, sexually assertive etc was not acceptable or feminist? Certainly not any feminism that I, or many others, would sign up to. Mikki Kendall, who has also gained renown for the dreadful Twitter campaign #solidarityisforwhitewomen, is particularly guilty of such 'white women bashing'. Kendall's article about Beyonce's album not only does all of the above but appears to also suggest that 'white feminism' is anti-man. Yeah, right.
And Blogmother at What About Our Daughters also has plenty to say about the bizarre bullshit claim that white feminists are attacking Beyonce - a claim promoted by, who else, Mikki Kendall.

Mikki Kendall just pulls random stupidity out of her ass and is considered some kind of legitimate journalist to NPR.

Here's the stupid shit that Mikki Kendall likes to say:

Is there any evidence that Mikki Kendall actually knew "a lot of white women" who Kendall has amateur-psychoanalyzed in this way? Of course not. But who needs evidence - I mean we're talking about white women - we all know what they are like, don't we?

Who is paying Mikki Kendall to spend all her time spreading hatred against a group of people on the basis of shared ethnicity/gender? And why do media outlets like NPR support her in her campaign of bigotry?

And I see that Mother Jones has jumped on the Kendall-promoting bandwagon. Mother Jones was the first magazine I ever subscribed to, when I was sixteen. So glad I stopped subscribing years ago.

What's really fascinating is that liberal media has decided that a campaign to blame anonymous demonized white women for everything is perfectly reasonable and nobody who questions the wisdom of such a campaign is given a voice - not in  Mother Jones, not at Salon, not at Jezebel and not even at NPR.