Sunday, December 29, 2013

More friends at Lou Grant

Stanley Kamel
Many familiar faces on season 3 of Lou Grant - Danny Glover, Rue McClanahan, William Shallert (Patty Duke's TV father), Ed Harris, Michael J. Fox, Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch of the West) but the one I cared about the most was Stanley Kamel - as soon as I saw in the Canonical Lou Grant episode guide that Kamel had been in a show I had to watch it.

I loved Stanley Kamel as therapist Dr. Kroger on the show Monk. I was very upset when I heard he had died suddenly of a heart attack - I blogged about it then.

Unfortunately in the Lou Grant episode his character got just a single scene - he played an opportunistic literary agent. Very different from Dr. Kroger, it's too bad he had such little screen time.

He was just so good as Dr. Kroger. A perfect foil for the Shaloub's Adrian Monk. As you can see in the clip below.