Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ayn Rand's eye tic

I've speculated that Ayn Rand might have been on the autism spectrum due to both personal traits of hers which seem to align with those said to indicate autism, as well as the odd natures of her heroes in Atlas Shrugged, and the bizarre way that Rand portrays "collectivists" - as jealous sadists who don't really believe what they say they believe - which appears to have nothing at all to do with Communism or any other socio-political system that has ever existed on planet Earth.

I recently noticed that when Rand appeared on television, she seems to have an ocular tick - her eyes often flick off-center, especially to the left for no apparent reason. I recommend you watch these with the sound off - if not you may end up, like me, wanting to throttle her for being so incredibly obtuse.