Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Charlie Brown "Atlas Shrugged"

The world is divided into two kinds of people: a tiny minority who do all the productive, creative work, and who also happen to be attractive, smart and super-competent, and everybody else.
Everybody else is divided into two kinds of people – moochers and their leaders, the looters who run the government. What they have in common is their tendency to be ugly, stupid, lazy and incompetent. Although they talk about feelings and emotions all the time, it’s all fake and used exclusively to manipulate the producers. They are incapable of true romantic love because unlike the producers they aren’t exclusively into M/f kink.
Society depends on the “producers” to do everything, even though the moochers/looters pretend they don’t know they do everything and offer the producers no gratitude for it – out of pure, unadulterated malice.
Then one day a company run by moochers/looters decides to force their own employees to collectivize their company. They do it because the leader of the company, Ivy Starnes, is a sadist who gets off on abusing workers. One of the producers named John Galt who happened to be working for the moocher/looter company, created a magical motor that could create energy out of virtually nothing. John Galt, offended by the idea of a company forcing their workers to collectivize it, decides to run away and start his own society made up of only producers.
As soon as all the producers run away, society, which is now exclusively composed of moochers/looters falls apart, resulting in the well-deserved deaths of many of the moochers/looters. As soon as enough of them die off, John Galt and his fellow producers will return in Glory.
And that’s what “Atlas Shrugged” is all about, Charlie Brown.