Monday, December 02, 2013

Woodwinds vs. Harps

My favorite woodwind piece is an odd one - it's sort of the Celtic Bolero - the Belfast Harp Orchestra and the The Chieftans playing MacAllistrum's March. It starts off with percussion and harp and gradually adds instruments while reiterating the melody, but what really makes it work for me are the woodwinds. The first time I can really discern one - I assume it's an Irish flute - happens at 00:58. Then other woodwinds pile on and the musicians sound like they're really wailing to make themselves heard over the harps. And then you can hear what might be a trilling pennywhistle just make it over the top into audibility at 1:30. By 1:35 you can hear them struggle to play and breathe at the same time, and by 1:55, the flutist is like "forget this, I am only hitting the highest notes."

And that's why it's great.

I like this song so much I'm thinking of writing a theme and variations piece for it.

Please ignore the "Souvenirs of the Celtic Lands" images used in this video. I hate that leprechaun crap.