Friday, December 28, 2012

Loser actors on dating sites

I always wonder about a guy on a dating site who claims to be an actor. There are way more straight women than straight men in the acting world - although men get more roles because more roles are written for men, which means that quite a few unattractive men can be actors. But unless his profile picture shows him to be hideous, you have to wonder why he can't find a woman through acting.

Usually it's because he thinks waaay too highly of himself.

I saw a guy today who says he's a part-time actor, makes between 40 - 50 K,  claims to be 47 but with his balding grey hair he looks like he's in his mid-50s at least, and yet he's looking for a woman between the ages of 23 - 39 - and he doesn't even have the excuse that he wants a woman to be a breeder for him - he says he has kids and doesn't want any more. But not only does she have to be no older than eight years younger than him, she can't be even slightly overweight, she has to be white, and in his opinion has an "obligation" to keep her legs shaved.

The best part is that in spite of identifying himself right from the top as an actor, here was his response to the question:  In the line Wherefore art thou Romeo? what does wherefore mean?

Why God bless Google and OKC. I just learned something kinda interesting.
He promotes himself as an actor and yet not only did he get to be age 47 (or so) without knowing that "wherefore" means "why" in this context, he's so stupid he actually admits it. I mean, he's already ruled out his Victoria's Secret model target demographic by being a middle-aged man who makes 40-50K (and in NYC!), but he's even demonstrated what a loser he is to a woman who might have an interest in the theater and low-income actors.

I was so tempted to write to him and ask how the search for a young-beautiful-thin-white-not-a-gold-digger was going, but the answer was found easily enough by doing a search on his user name:

And one more thing - what the hell is the deal with SCUBA?!? I had no idea that so many single men were interested in self-contained underwater breathing apparati until I went on dating sites. Does any woman, unless she is a SCUBA nut too, think this is a big plus? How many women are SCUBA nuts? And most of these men also include a photo of themselves in full SCUBA gear. I guess to prove that he isn't just bragging about the SCUBA - dammit he really does it! Don't contact him all at once ladies!