Sunday, December 09, 2012

Argo finally

I finally got to see Argo this weekend. It's very good. The clip above is Fareed Zakaria interviewing Tony Mendez, the guy portrayed by Ben Affleck.

I've never thought too much about Affleck in terms of masculine charms, and this movie doesn't exactly focus on the erotic, but I have to say he is a fine-looking man. His one brief shirtless scene confirms it as well as a shot from that back that silhouettes his broad shoulders and narrow hips - nice. And not everybody is able to pull off that 1970s look, as the balding guys with gigantic glasses (two of the escapees) demonstrate. Although to be fair Affleck wasn't force to wear a moustache only look and didn't have the bug-eyed goggles.

There aren't alot of clips available of the movie, but this brief one has one of the best lines.